hotel Palacete Barcelona
On this website you will find all the information you need to get to know our hotel, plenty of information about Barcelona and its surroundings and, if you wish, you will be able to make a reservation in any of our hotels. You can also use this service to ask us about anything or to make us some suggestions.
You have at your service the Hotel Continental, located on Las Ramblas, close to Plaza Catalunya, and the Hotel Continental Palacete, located on the Rambla de Catalunya, which is the continuation of La Rambla, across the Plaza Catalunya. The Hotel Continental is three stars hotel and its history goes back to 1898.
Its location is perhaps the best in the whole town, on the top of Las Ramblas, close to Plaza Catalunya. All the sightseeing places of Barcelona are within five minutes from the hotel. Nowadays it is totally renewed and it has all the equipment needed to offer you a comfortable stay with a very good service. It is not a luxury hotel but its warm and homely atmosphere make a very special hotel of it. Important persons like Von Karajan, Antonio Machin, George Orwell or Helenio Herrera chose it in their stays in the Ciudad Condal (Barcelona). The Hotel Continental Palacete is a brand-new hotel, located inside a small palace, where part of its name comes from, built in 1863.
From the palace, the Main Lounge or Salo Centenari stands out as an exceptional place where, after breakfast, which is served there every morning, you can rest, take a cup of coffee, read the paper or simply do nothing. All the rooms are perfectly equipped and offer a high level of comfort.

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